We help people to measure, analyze and optimize their mobile marketing campaigns.

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Convenient and easy

With only one click and one account at Costations, our
mobile ads management could build up campaigns and
manage its relevant attributes easily, including Ads Ma
-nagement, Performance Analysis, Publisher Managem
-ent, Partner Cooperation, Third-Party tech integration
and targeting support. One account! One platform! Avo
-id managing lots of accounts to different platforms.

Efficient and precise

The big data of Costations has analyzed more than 100 million
mobile devices and thousands of enterprise users, which helps
to improve your user targeting. Every original data of every cli
-ck will be marked for analysis. The accumulation of original da
-ta makes analysis more precise. When tracking the conversion,
the Anti-Cheating DMP function works and analyzes at real time
for optimization solution. The more we control the details of the
campaign, the higher ROI the campaign can gain.

Reliable and safe

Our TDS protection system, triple protection mechanis
-m, independent user authority management ensure yo
-ur data safety in hardware environment, enterprise-le
-vel hardware firewall,The Internet Data Center (IDC)
back up mechanism, with stable business Database , clu
-stering functional components, strict development revi
-ew mechanism, based on mature AWS cloud products
and HA system, provides reliable tech support for you.

Success Stories

what our clients say

The processing speed and convenience of Costations is very satisfied. Our account managers could work with greater effeciency on it than before. Additionally, we find out some good quality traffic on Costations.
Xiwan Games Jingdeng Zhou
We use Costations to integrate more than 10 publishers for media buying. It's so convenient that we don't need to develope our own platform and save the cost of servers. And with one account, we could manage our ads and provide our traffic to advertisers needed.
Southzw Rui Guo
Advertising and monetization are no long difficult. With this strong hand, developers of middle or small sizes could maximum their ROI easily.
Yongxinwan Vincent Zhang
Costations strongly saves our cost of platform development and integration time. It provides one-stop solution for us to ads management, tracking, data analysis and monetization. We could focus more on developing our own products. Professional handles professional affairs.
KIka Bruce Sun

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